a bird of the crow family (Corvidae ); a crow, raven. Throughout history, the Crow has taken form in many different societies by way of mythology, theology and science. From the Eastern World to the Western World, the bird has made its mark on the human race with its innate connection to the spirit world. Whether personal belief leads one to perceive the bird as an embodiment of the Sun, or a depiction of darkness, the common denominator among all communities suggests that the Crow is intelligent beyond current belief. Science suggests that Crows have the ability to remember its predators, mourn the loss of loved ones, predict storms and natural disaster through changes in the pressure of the atmosphere, and possess a communication system far beyond human comprehension. Ancient mythology suggests that the bird was a messenger, or physical embodiment of the gods, acting as a creator, protector and keeper of balance on earth. As a celebration of the wise defender of the skies, The Corvid’s Nest is an ode to an old friendship that is marked by the aspirations of new heights.
creative director : Maida. K ghide
phtographer: ishmil waterman
model: mimi aba olema